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About Company

SТR Company represents a group of European food processing manufacturing companies in Ukraine and CIS
We offer a full range of services including marketing, advertising and promotion of their products.

It goes about

  • drinks equipment,
  • bottling plants for alimentary liquids, i.e. water, beer, oils, vodka, ketchup etc.
  • fruits & vegetables processing machinery;
  • packaging equipment;
  • filtering equipment ;
  • labelers;
  • sterilization equipment (autoclaves, etc.);
  • filtering elements;
  • conveyors
  • Glossary on Winery

We are currently looking for new prospects among European manufacturers to be introduced to the marketplace of Ukraine and entire CIS. If your company is interested in exploring new horizons of this part of the world’s market you are very welcome to do so. For your convenience fill in the following form RIGHT NOW.

We are aimed at a long term and mutually beneficial partnership and will do our best so that you will have our company as a trusting and reliable partner.



Novelties of the equipment

  Autoclaves/Steam Injection Process
Autoclaves/ Steam Injection Process

Variants for all requirements. Diverse customer requirements regarding capacity and sterilization process are met via our range of steam-spray retorts: from the single cage autoclave for small batches of high quality "delicatessen" up to large capacity retorts.
  Cross-flow filter plant
Cross-flow filter plant

Many European enterprises went on utilization of filtration with utilization of cross-flow. The basic virtue of installation is the opportunity of filtration of fluids with the big contents of suspensions at once up to a sterile state, without utilization of account materials
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